“Bereaved Families has provided me with a multitude of supportive people to surround myself with. Even though I have great difficulty opening up and sharing my emotions, I still always feel welcome. It’s so nice to be personally greeted and be able to mingle without fear of judgment or intrusion. The only way I am able to attend meetings is with the knowledge that I am accepted and understood, but also that my ‘boundaries’ are respected. Bereaved Families has shown me the world is not an entirely cold place and that I can survive my tragedy. I can and will survive.”

“The death of a child is something you never get over. To help ease the pain, it is good to talk with others who listen and understand the hurt you feel. After a while, friends and family don’t want you to talk about it. I must talk about our son in order to accept and survive in this life without him.”

“It was very helpful to share with other couples in our support group – to be able to listen and cry together.”


“It was good to talk with other couples who had experienced what we had. The shared experience of sitting together and talking about our loss was very helpful to me as a dad.”

“It helped me realize that I was not alone in my grief. It made me see that my life was not really over and there is happiness after a terrible ordeal. The Grief Support Group was an experience unto myself and others that you cannot experience anywhere else. It is where you can open up your heart and no one tells you you’re crazy or says to get on with your life. It is a place where if two men hug each other, no one thinks you’re different. It is a place where you find out what you’re going through is the same as other people.”

“We had no family that would give us support. I benefited from the Grief Support Groups as I felt I wasn’t handling grief properly and it was good to talk to other people who had experienced the same feelings as I had.”

Young People

“I liked that there was no pressure to show your feelings until you were ready.”

“I liked the part where we got to share our stories. You got to tell it like it was and have someone actually listen to you and understand.”

“Although I was surrounded by my family and friends, I felt totally alone until my mom introduced me to a few of the other siblings at Bereaved Families. I attended the Young Griever Group, and shared my story. Listening to others and gaining more support didn’t take away the pain, but it did make it a little more bearable. I will always know there are others out there who are walking in similar shoes.”

“It was three years ago when my brother passed away and I found myself looking for a safe and understanding place to turn for help. I found that safe place at Bereaved Families as I met other siblings who had similar experiences. At many times a bereaved sibling can feel alone and goes through experiences that their parents, family and friends just do not understand. Taking part in the sibling workshops helped me in the grieving process and I would encourage anyone to come and meet the other siblings who are there to listen and to talk to.”