The healing process is a different one for each individual. The programs we deliver are designed to help families deal with all aspects of grieving. A variety of opportunities provide guidance, education and support.

Monthly Meetings

These meetings offer a safe and supportive environment where bereaved parents are given the opportunity to discuss feelings with other bereaved parents who truly understand. The meeting begins with a short presentation pertaining to the challenges of grief and then moves to small group discussion format.  Held on the second (2nd) Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm at the Bereaved Families office, 571 Wharncliffe Rd S. (Lower Level) London.

Mother’s Meetings

Bereaved parents can meet in a safe environment to discuss and share their feelings. Meetings begin with a short presentation and then moves to a small group discussion.
Held  on the fourth (4th) Tuesday of the month at 1:00 pm. (location: 571 Wharncliffe Road South, Suite 4, London)

 Grief Support Groups

Small groups (6-8 parents) gather for six consecutive weeks to remember, reflect and share experiences with other bereaved parents of similar circumstances. Trained facilitators, themselves bereaved parents, provide direction and help lead the group.

One to One Support

Speak directly to one of our “veteran” bereaved parents. Either face to face or over the phone, our trained volunteers will listen to you as you express your feelings and can offer some insight from their own personal experience.

Miscarriage Support

An opportunity to talk to other women who have experienced a form of bereavement that is often downplayed or completely overlooked by society.

Young People’s Workshops

This workshop is designed to support young people ages 15-23 who have experienced the death of a brother, sister or parent. Each group consists of 5-8 participants all who are given opportunities for input into planning the workshop. These all day workshops aim to help youth with their grief by giving them an opportunity to express themselves through discussion, music, art activities, sharing keepsakes and photos etc. in a safe, confidential environment with other young grievers. These groups are facilitated by a health care professional and a trained young bereaved person.

Children’s Grief Support Groups

This group, for children ages 7-14 who have experienced the death of a brother, sister or parent, is designed to support and encourage the unique needs of young grieving children. Through discussion, play and art activities children are able to understand their experiences of death and loss and connect with each other in a supportive, safe and nurturing atmosphere. Each group consists of 5-7 participants and is facilitated by a health care professional and a trained young bereaved person.

Lending Library

An extensive collection of books relating to a variety of subjects is available to all family members and the community. We can offer some advice as to which books might be useful for each particular situation.

Monthly Newsletter

We have over 800 families who receive our newsletter each month. It contains thoughtful articles, stories, poems and the names of the children who we are remembering that month.