Bereaved Families of Ontario – Southwest Region was formally established in 1984 by a group of bereaved parents and individuals who wanted to share their insights and experiences with other grieving families in a safe and confidential environment and lend support to them as they restore a balance to their lives.

The grief a family feels when a child dies is part of the normal healing process. Phrases such as “I think I’m going crazy” are often expressed. Parents, siblings and other family members will all grieve in their own way because their personal relationship with the deceased was unique to them. Everyone will have his or her own grieving style. Children experience many of the same feelings that their parents do, but often find it difficult to identify and express those feelings.

Our mandate is to offer a safe and caring environment where family members can come to terms with their loss and continue through life with a renewed sense of strength. Access to our services is available for as long as you need us.

There are no fees charged to our member families. BFO is entirely self-funded, raising monies for our services from a variety of sources including public and private donations, fund-raising activities and charity events. A majority of the support work is provided by other bereaved parents who volunteer their time and energies to help others. A voluntary Board of Directors and a full time Executive Director ensure the quality of our programs.